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make effort built green environment with best solar energy , supply client with good solar power by competitive price with Win-Win !
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vglory group energy co.,LTD

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futing industrial ,bamboo village , Shenzhen city , GuangDong Province , PRC
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vglory group energy co.,LTD

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vglory group energy co.,LTD
Company Details:
Business Type:Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter, Seller
Main Market:North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Worldwide
No. of Employees:100~300 People
Annual Sales:US$ $6,000,000 - US$ $10,000,000
Year Established:2009

Vglory group energy company is professional Solar Enterprise which years skilful experience in Solar field , we always keep making continue efforts in Green energy all over china and globaly , aims to make our globe green clean free with warming and fossil fuels , efforts to achive the low-carbon life ,  we do great at solar energy field with designing, developing, manufacturing , marketing and service ,  


Our mainly products wide range such as :        


  Solar  Panels
  Flexible solar panel  
  High efficiency Solar panel  
  Transparent solar panel 
  Portable /folding solar panel kits
   Integrated Solar Street Light 
   Solar Energy system
   Solar Motion wall lamp
   Solar Pest Killer 
   Solar camping Lantern 
   LED lamps etc..



More our  90% solar products shipments  are exported global countries and areas of the world. more than 30 and 300mw more annual , such as European countries and areas , America, Japan, Korea, South Africa , Africa , Mid-East , Asia etc..

We manufacture high quality good qualified products . it is our responsibility keep always providing our clients with  high quality solar energy product , timely shipment ,considerable service, we keep our solar products stricly with international standard and make very strict control in our every production step ,  the  quality the innovation and honesty is our business soul  .  

Vglory group energy company conside our client frist , would like make our client Win first and we return , We be our clients the best partner for establishing a long-term win-win business relationships  , keen to provide the best solar products and competitive price with good supports all the time . We make greast contributes to green energy development , Making company good performance ,aims to make contributions for the Green Globe  in solar energy and LED lighting Industry with buidling environmentally friendly globe .



BeneFits with solar

solar makes great Financial sense

If your monthly electric bill is more than $100, you could save money every month with solar system. Even if you finance the cost of your system, the loan payment plus your new,  bill will usually be less than your previous and pay less than before . This means your savings from now on, and solar system will pay for itself.

Some homeowners may even earn back two to three times the cost. A lower electric bill and a system that pays for itself are just two reasons why solar is a smart investment.

solar gives You Protection against electricity rate Hikes
Imagine that you had been able to lock in automobile gas prices in 2004. You’d be paying less than $2 a gallon not only today, but also for decades to come. With every gas price increase, you’d be saving even more money. That’s exactly what you’re doing with the cost of electricity when you install a solar electric system .

Highly reliable solar Power  

Solar electricity has been in use for more than
50 years and is proven to be highly dependable. Unlike other methods used to generate electricity, solar doesn’t rely on moving parts that can wear out. 25years lifespan time 

little maintenance is required

Occasionally, a solar array should be rinsed off with a hose to clear the dust or debris that blocks sunlight and reduces efficiency. That’s about all that’s required. 

solar can Help offset climate change
From Main Street to Wall Street, people are realizing the effects that our actions have on the environment—and they're going solar to minimize those effects and lower their carbon footprint.

Until recently, there hasn't been much of a choice but to use the electricity provided by conven- tional methods. With advances in technology and increased consumer awareness, however, solar electricity is now a very feasible option.

So, while you'll be lowering your electric bill, you'll also be helping to raise our air quality.

Coal-fired power plants are responsible for 72% of all sulfur dioxide emissions in the U.S. Yet solar electricity produces absolutely no pollution.
One million homes using solar electricity would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 4.3 million tons per year. That's the equivalent of removing 850,000 cars from the road. And by using more solar electricity, fewer power plants that produce greenhouse gases would need to be built. 


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Mr. vglory energy
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  • futing industrial ,bamboo village , Shenzhen city , GuangDong Province , PRC
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